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  File(s): 01 - Pussycat_Dolls_-_Bad_Girl_(Main).mp3 - 4635339
02 - Pussycat_Dolls_-_Bad_Girl_(Main_With_Intro).mp3 - 5072546
03 - Pussycat_Dolls_-_Bad_Girl_(Instrumental_Loop).mp3 - 5405824
Artist: Pussycat Dolls
Title: Bad Girl  From  Confessions Of a Shopaholic  
Quality: 256
Size: 14.4 MB
-------------------- Ksbnet
 Bad Girl , which was previously leaked as Rihanna s new song, has also been recorded by The
Pussycat Dolls. In Rihanna s version, the track features Chris Brown, while in PCD s version, it
mostly contains Nicole Scherzinger s vocals. 
 Bad Girl  comes from the production hands of Pollow Da Don, who is best known for his works for Nas
and Usher. The track is confirmed to serve as the soundtrack of  Confessions of a Shopaholic , the
comedy movie which is due for U.S. release on February 13. 
01. Bad Girl  Main  2:24
02. Bad Girl  With Intro  2:38
03. Bad Girl  Instrumental Loop  2:48  
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