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25-10-2014Shawty.Lo.-Million.Dollar.Man.(Official.Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak.rar1236 Kb/s
29-10-2014[COMPLETE]Shawty.Lo.-Million.Dollar.Man.(Official.Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak.zip2250 Kb/s
26-10-2014[FULL RELEASE]Shawty.Lo.-Million.Dollar.Man.(Official.Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak1903 Kb/s
29-10-2014[FULL]Shawty.Lo.-Million.Dollar.Man.(Official.Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak2356 Kb/s
31-10-2014[HIGH SPEED]Shawty.Lo.-Million.Dollar.Man.(Official.Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak1479 Kb/s
27-10-2014[TRUSTED]Shawty.Lo.-Million.Dollar.Man.(Official.Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak1933 Kb/s
  Added: 05 Jul 2012 22:30:01
  Checked: Not yet
  Tracker(s): http://tracker.thepiratebay.org/announce
  Hash: 1941CCDEEF16E2CEF9AD252827C0D3F47698085E
  File(s): 04_Shawty Lo - Mvp Ft Rocko Gucci Mane (Prod by Zaytoven)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 4873879
03_Shawty Lo - New Money Ft Cash Out (Prod by DJ London)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 4502329
07_Shawty Lo - Boss Bitch Ft Tiffany Fox Jaijai Lola Monroe (Prod by Sos)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 4474845
11_Shawty Lo - Cake Ft Future (Prod by Zaytoven)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 4054038
18_Shawty Lo - Dope Boyz Back Ft Gucci Mane (Prod by DJ Thoomp)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3840564
21_Shawty Lo - Wtf Ft Lil Wayne (Bonus)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3795865
06_Shawty Lo - Talk of the Town Ft 50 Cent (Prod by Mercy)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3774251
10_Shawty Lo - New 2 Me Ft Stuntman (Prod by Lil Charles)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3676254
02_Shawty Lo - Dat White Girl (Prod by DJ London)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3676238
16_Shawty Lo - No Secrets Ft Rav Money (Prod by Mike Will)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3584099
17_Shawty Lo - Vampire Life Ft Jim Jones (Prod by Southside)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3547824
15_Shawty Lo - Attention Ft 2 Chainz (Prod B-Trill)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3312618
20_Shawty Lo - Look at Me Now (Prod by DJ Thoomp)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3288011
05_Shawty Lo - Chris Angel Ft 2 Chainz (Prod by Speilberg Shawty)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3255934
09_Shawty Lo - Million Dollar Man (Prod by Lil Rick)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3084104
13_Shawty Lo - Best Bullshit Ft Alley Boy (Prod by Gamble)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3018230
19_Shawty Lo - We on Dis Year (Prod by Rix Melody)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3015712
14_Shawty Lo - Keep it Cool Ft Gorilla Zoe (Prod by Zaytoven)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 3001139
01_Shawty Lo - Only Da Strong Survive Intro (Prod by DJ Montay)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 2916492
08_Shawty Lo - Wats Goin on Wit Lo Ft Tmelle (Prod by Dada)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 2716742
12_Shawty Lo - Shawty Lo Speaks-Djleak.com.mp3 - 869768
00_Shawty Lo -Million Dollar Man (Official Mixtape)-2012-(Front)-DjLeak.jpg - 169768
00_Shawty Lo -Million Dollar Man (Official Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak.sfv - 6370
00_Shawty Lo -Million Dollar Man (Official Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak.nfo - 2733
00_Shawty Lo -Million Dollar Man (Official Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak.m3u - 1514
                           DJ LEAK
                  P - R - E - S - E - N - T - S
                   Shawty Lo-Million Dollar Man  Official Mixtape 
     ARTiST..: Shawty Lo
     ALBUM...: Million Dollar Man  Official Mixtape 
     LABEL...: n/a
     GENRE...: Hip-Hop
     TRACKS..: 21
     MODE....: Joint-Stereo
     BiTRATE.: 128kbps
     ENCODER.: Web
     RiPDATE.: Jul-05-2012
     STREET..: 000-00-0000
              T - R - A - C - K - L - I - S - T
   01 -Only Da Strong Survive Intro              [03:02]
        Prod by DJ Montay 
   02 -Dat White Girl  Prod by DJ London         [03:49]
   03 -New Money Ft Cash Out  Prod by DJ London  [04:41]
   04 -Mvp Ft Rocko Gucci Mane                   [05:04]
        Prod by Zaytoven 
   05 -Chris Angel Ft 2 Chainz                   [03:23]
        Prod by Speilberg Shawty 
   06 -Talk of the Town Ft 50 Cent               [03:55]
        Prod by Mercy 
   07 -Boss Bitch Ft Tiffany Fox Jaijai Lola     [04:39]
       Monroe  Prod by Sos 
   08 -Wats Goin on Wit Lo Ft Tmelle             [02:49]
        Prod by Dada 
   09 -Million Dollar Man  Prod by Lil Rick      [03:12]
   10 -New 2 Me Ft Stuntman                      [03:49]
        Prod by Lil Charles 
   11 -Cake Ft Future  Prod by Zaytoven          [04:13]
   12 -Shawty Lo Speaks                          [00:54]
   13 -Best Bullshit Ft Alley Boy                [03:08]
        Prod by Gamble 
   14 -Keep it Cool Ft Gorilla Zoe               [03:07]
        Prod by Zaytoven 
   15 -Attention Ft 2 Chainz  Prod B-Trill       [03:27]
   16 -No Secrets Ft Rav Money                   [03:44]
        Prod by Mike Will 
   17 -Vampire Life Ft Jim Jones                 [03:41]
        Prod by Southside 
   18 -Dope Boyz Back Ft Gucci Mane              [04:00]
        Prod by DJ Thoomp 
   19 -We on Dis Year  Prod by Rix Melody        [03:08]
   20 -Look at Me Now  Prod by DJ Thoomp         [03:25]
   21 -Wtf Ft Lil Wayne  Bonus                   [03:57]
                                            Size:[ 68,9]MB
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