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18-10-20142.PAC..ALL.EYEZ.ON.ME.BOOK.2..AND.GREATEST.HITS.011870 Kb/s
22-10-20142.pac..All.Eyez.On.Me.Book.2..and.Greatest.Hits.01.rar1084 Kb/s
21-10-2014[COMPLETE]2.pac..All.Eyez.On.Me.Book.2..and.Greatest.Hits.01.zip1738 Kb/s
21-10-2014[FULL RELEASE]2.pac..All.Eyez.On.Me.Book.2..and.Greatest.Hits.011484 Kb/s
25-10-2014[FULL]2.pac..All.Eyez.On.Me.Book.2..and.Greatest.Hits.011711 Kb/s
21-10-2014[HIGH SPEED]2.pac..All.Eyez.On.Me.Book.2..and.Greatest.Hits.012077 Kb/s
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  Hash: B3ABD0EC9C54E86396D066AC0EFF25BE3DC72316
  File(s): Tupac\Thug_nature_feat._lil_mo_(mohizee)_-_deathrizzo.com-lbp.mp3 - 9012405
Tupac\Dear_mama_(remix_feat_anthony_hamilton).mp3 - 8391627
Tupac\California_love_(original_mix_feat_dr_dre_and_roger_troutman).mp3 - 8091704
Tupac\Thugz_manison_feat._nas_(xl_middleton_and_ctrock)_-_deathrizzo.com-lbp.mp3 - 7907204
Tupac\How_do_u_want_it_(feating_k-ci_and_jojo).mp3 - 7758425
Tupac\Trapped.mp3 - 7222573
Tupac\Amerikaz_most_wanted_(feat_snoop_dogg).mp3 - 6782604
Tupac\I_aint_mad_atcha_(feat_danny_boy).mp3 - 6736928
Tupac\Resist_the_temptation_(feat_amel_larrieux).mp3 - 6660696
Tupac\There U Go & 3kingsft Common & Slim Thug,T.i,Bun B.mp3 - 6402348
Tupac\Baby_feat._layzie_bone_and_big_caz_(thin_c)_-_deathrizzo.com-lbp.mp3 - 6181883
Tupac\How_Do_U_Want_It-RGF.mp3 - 5920259
Tupac\So_many_tears.mp3 - 5896265
Tupac\Who_do_u_believe_in_feat._khadafi_(soulistic)_-_deathrizzo.com-lbp.mp3 - 5784100
Tupac\Unconditional_love.mp3 - 5702010
Tupac\Lost_Souls_(feat._Outlawz)-RGF.mp3 - 5652438
Tupac\Pain_feat._lennox_ave_boyz_(dame_grease)_-_deathrizzo.com-lbp.mp3 - 5525306
Tupac\Ave_boyz_(dame_grease)_-_deathrizzo.com-lbp.mp3 - 5525306
Tupac\Staring_Through_My_Rear_View_(feat._Dwele)-RGF.mp3 - 5469457
Tupac\Changes.mp3 - 5385336
All Eyez On Me Book 2\01-Can't C Me(Ft. George Clinton).mp3 - 5304320
All Eyez On Me Book 2\11-Run Tha Streetz(Ft. Michel'le, Mulah & Storm).mp3 - 5066752
All Eyez On Me Book 2\07-Picture Me Rollin'(Ft. Danny Boy, Syke & CPO).mp3 - 5038080
Tupac\Hail Mary.mp3 - 5007488
All Eyez On Me Book 2\05-When We Ride(Ft. Outlaw Immortalz).mp3 - 4952064
All Eyez On Me Book 2\10-All Eyez On Me(Ft. Syke).mp3 - 4927488
All Eyez On Me Book 2\06-Thug Passion(Ft. Jewell, Dramacydal & Storm).mp3 - 4923392
Tupac\Thugs Get Lonely Too ft Nate Dogg & Dmx & B.I.G.mp3 - 4898390
Tupac\Life Goes On.mp3 - 4805537
All Eyez On Me Book 2\03-Hola At Me.mp3 - 4722688
Tupac\If_u_really_want_it_feat._skg_(soulistic)_-_deathrizzo.com-lbp.mp3 - 4589777
Tupac\Do for Love.mp3 - 4525366
Tupac\Heartz of Men.mp3 - 4497536
Tupac\Dear Mama.mp3 - 4482472
All Eyez On Me Book 2\08-Check Out Time(Ft. Kurupt& Syke).mp3 - 4472893
Tupac\Me Against the World.mp3 - 4467230
Tupac\Troublesome 96´.mp3 - 4432000
Tupac\Hit Em Up.mp3 - 4369771
Tupac\Keep Ya Head Up.mp3 - 4235392
Tupac\I Get Around.mp3 - 4157568
All Eyez On Me Book 2\04-Wanda Why They Call U Bytch.mp3 - 4145152
Tupac\Thug 4 life.mp3 - 4107548
All Eyez On Me Book 2\09-Ratha Be Ya Nigga(Ft. Richie Rich).mp3 - 4065280
Tupac\Took_her_to_her_condo_feat._shade_sheist_knocturnal_nune_and_notorious_big_(shade_sheist)_-.mp3 - 3780321
Tupac\Real_thugz_feat._bizzy_bone_-_deathrizzo.com-lbp.mp3 - 3756770
Tupac\Brenda´s Got a Baby.mp3 - 3745920
All Eyez On Me Book 2\02-Shorty Wanna Be A Thug.mp3 - 3710976
Tupac\Wanted_dead_or_alive_feat._snoop_(dj_a)_-_deathrizzo.com-lbp.mp3 - 3494304
Tupac\00 - Greatest Hits 01.jpg - 120811
2 albums:
 All Eyez On Me Book 2
 Greatest Hits 01
Greatest Hits      um     lbum duplo das principais m    sicas da carreira do falecido rapper Tupac
Shakur, lan    ado pela gravadora Death Row Records, em 24 de novembro de 1998. O     lbum cont    m
21 m    sicas populares, possuindo algumas m    sicas reeditadas por motivos legais, e acompanhadas
dos quatro sons que mais fizeram sucesso:  God Bless the Dead ,  Unconditional Love ,  Troublesome 
96  e  Changes , que foi nomeada para um Grammy em 2000, na categoria Melhor Performance Solo de
Rap. O disco duplo vendeu 4,620,926 c    pias at     2007, e em 23 de Junho de 2011, foi adicionado
mais um milh    o de c    pias, o que deu ao     lbum a certifica        o de Diamante da RIAA, a
primeira de 2Pac. Em adi        o, Greatest Hits passou All Eyez on Me de  96 para se tornar o mais
vendido de 2Pac.
Estreou em 5 na Billboard 200 com 268,000 c    pias vendidas.
Disco 1
     Keep Ya Head Up 
     2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted 
     God Bless the Dead 
     Hail Mary 
     Me Against the World 
     How Do U Want It 
     So Many Tears 
     Unconditional Love 
     Life Goes On 
     Hit Em Up 
Disco 2
     Troublesome 96  
     Brenda s Got a Baby 
     I Ain t Mad At Cha 
     I Get Around  tupac
     California Love [Original Version] 
     Picture Me Rollin  
     How Long Will They Mourn Me? 
     Toss It Up 
     Dear Mama 
     All About U 
     To Live   Die in L.A. 
     Heartz of Men 
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