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26-10-2014RIFFTRAX1396 Kb/s
23-10-2014RiffTrax.rar2499 Kb/s
20-10-2014[COMPLETE]RiffTrax.zip2298 Kb/s
25-10-2014[FULL RELEASE]RiffTrax1599 Kb/s
29-10-2014[FULL]RiffTrax1204 Kb/s
25-10-2014[HIGH SPEED]RiffTrax2240 Kb/s
23-10-2014[TRUSTED]RiffTrax2222 Kb/s

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AddedTitleSize Seeds Leechs Subcat.
14 Aug 2014RiffTrax Oceans Eleven x264 Dual Audio mp41.11 GB--Unsorted
17 Jul 2014X Men (2000) 1080p Rifftrax 6ch 2ch1.97 GB--Unsorted
14 Jul 2014Predator Rifftrax711.83 MB--Unsorted
20 Jun 2014The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) 480p Rifftrax 2ch867.08 MB--Unsorted
09 Jun 2014Rifftrax Bride of the Beast1.45 GB--Unsorted
06 Jun 2014Rifftrax Sisters of Death1.01 GB--Unsorted
04 Jun 2014Rifftrax Zindy The Swamp Boy.mp41.01 GB--Unsorted
04 Jun 2014Rifftrax The City Of The Dead.mp4931.23 MB--Unsorted
25 May 2014Rifftrax Sister of Death mp41.01 GB--Unsorted
18 May 2014Rifftrax NIght of the LIving Dead H264261.84 MB--Unsorted
09 May 2014Rifftrax Live manos The Hands Of Fate 2012 R6 HDRip READNFO XviD AC3828.53 MB--Unsorted
22 Apr 2014Rifftrax Fist Of Fury.mp41.99 GB--Unsorted
12 Apr 2014Fantastic Four (2005) 1080p Rifftrax 6ch2.6 GB--Unsorted
31 Mar 2014Rifftrax Terror At Tenkiller.mp41.63 GB--Unsorted
28 Mar 2014Rifftrax Night Of The Lepus (MKB).divx995.93 MB--Unsorted
28 Mar 2014Rifftrax Cyborg Cop 2.mp41.73 GB--Unsorted
24 Mar 2014RiffTrax MKB Super Mario Bros..mp41.96 GB--Unsorted
03 Mar 2014Rifftrax Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 mp41.82 GB--Unsorted
18 Jan 2014Rifftrax The Wizard of Oz (1939) [720p] 776.22 MB--Video
31 Dec 2013RiffTrax Killer Klowns from Outer Space(Smaller).mp41.15 GB--Unsorted
31 Dec 2013RiffTrax Killer Klowns From Outer Space.mp43.04 GB--Unsorted
30 Dec 2013Rifftrax Treasure of the Amazon 1.73 GB--Video
30 Dec 2013RiffTrax LIVE Manos The Hands of Fate 1.83 GB--Video
30 Dec 2013Rifftrax Dr. Who Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. 945.92 MB--Video
22 Nov 2013RiffTrax Swamp Of The Ravens1.34 GB--Unsorted
22 Oct 2013RiffTrax Batman Trapped (divx)194.77 MB--Unsorted
20 Oct 2013RiffTrax Batman Trapped (mpg)689.05 MB--Unsorted
13 Sep 2013RiffTrax Just A Few Shorts560.63 MB--Unsorted
08 Sep 2013RiffTrax Silent Rage (mp4)1.07 GB--Unsorted
09 Aug 2013RiffTrax Batman Tunnel Of Terror706.44 MB--Unsorted
04 Aug 2013RiffTrax Buffalo Rider (mpg)52.32 MB--Unsorted
31 Jul 2013RiffTrax_ The Avengers (2012)1.8 GB--Unsorted
19 Jul 2013RiffTrax Maniac (mpg)1.53 GB--Unsorted
17 Jul 2013RiffTrax Batman Takes Over1.09 GB--Unsorted
18 Jun 2013The Bermuda Triangle (1978) (Mike, Kevin &&& Bill) RiffTrax.1.07 GB--Unsorted
18 Jun 2013TheBrainiac RiffTrax.mp4877.21 MB--Unsorted
16 Jun 2013Rifftrax Star Trek Phase II World Enough and Time.avi556.75 MB--Unsorted
16 Jun 2013Rifftrax Star Trek Phase II To Serve All My Days.avi249.53 MB--Unsorted
14 Jun 2013RiffTrax Firehead (mp4)962.22 MB--Unsorted
13 Jun 2013Rifftrax Crater Lake Monster.avi600.36 MB--Unsorted
28 May 2013RiffTrax Dr. Who and the Daleks (.mpg)3.08 GB--Unsorted
27 May 2013RiffTrax Psycho 2 (mpg)437.03 MB--Unsorted
24 May 2013RiffTrax Dr. Who and the Daleks892.28 MB--Unsorted
19 May 2013Rifftrax Double Feature Future Force &&& Future Zone1.82 GB--Unsorted
17 Apr 2013RiffTrax The Apple968.93 MB--Unsorted
05 Apr 2013RiffTrax Viva Knievel!1.15 GB--Unsorted
27 Mar 2013RiffTrax Flatliners (1990) 1.73 GB--Unsorted
26 Mar 2013Spider Man Trilogy Rifftrax1.94 GB--Unsorted
18 Mar 2013Rifftrax The Complete Twilight Saga3.03 GB--Unsorted
17 Mar 2013Rifftrax Mutant and Nightmare at Noon (Double Feature!)2.72 GB--Unsorted
15 Mar 2013Rifftrax Twilight Breaking Dawn part 21.94 GB--Unsorted
28 Feb 2013Rifftrax Short_ Ten Long Minutes135.72 MB--Unsorted
28 Feb 2013Rifftrax When A Stranger Calls Back622.68 MB--Unsorted
23 Feb 2013Cool as Ice (1991) (MKB) RiffTrax.avi1011.07 MB--Unsorted
21 Feb 2013RiffTrax Cool As Ice562.81 MB--Unsorted
16 Feb 2013Rifftrax Prisoners of the Lost Universe1009.92 MB--Unsorted
15 Feb 2013BuffaloRider.divx RiffTrax VOD798.73 MB--Unsorted
02 Feb 2013RiffTrax LIVE! Birdemic477.81 MB--Unsorted
02 Feb 2013Rifftrax McBain663.34 MB--Movies
30 Jan 2013Rifftrax X Men Trilogy3.16 GB--Unsorted
29 Jan 2013Rifftrax Short_ Say No To Strangers119.47 MB--Unsorted
26 Jan 2013Highlander Rifftrax Dual Audio Mp41.1 GB--Unsorted
25 Jan 2013Rifftrax McBain1.09 GB--Unsorted
25 Jan 2013Rifftrax McBain1.09 GB--Unsorted
12 Jan 2013Twilight The Saga Rifftrax Collection (1 4)2.51 GB--Unsorted
05 Jan 2013Rifftrax The Avengers 752.31 MB--Unsorted
02 Jan 2013Rifftrax Captain America First Avenger [Dual Audio]806 MB--Unsorted
02 Jan 2013Rifftrax Captain America First Avenger [Dual Audio]1.41 GB--Unsorted
22 Dec 2012Christmas With RiffTrax Santas Village of Madness MPEG1.8 GB--Unsorted
22 Dec 2012Christmas With RiffTrax Santas Village of Madness divx515.31 MB--Unsorted
08 Dec 2012Rifftrax Short_ Choking To Save a Life466.16 MB--Unsorted
30 Nov 2012Rifftrax The Dark Knight1.2 GB--Unsorted
23 Nov 2012Tourist Trap (1979) [MKB] RiffTrax.avi1014.58 MB--Unsorted
22 Nov 2012Tourist Trap Rifftrax1.67 GB--Unsorted
18 Nov 2012Judge Dredd (1995) [MKB] [Dual Audio] RiffTrax Recycled.avi783.24 MB--Unsorted
09 Nov 2012Rifftrax Iron Man1.3 GB--Unsorted
03 Nov 2012RiffTrax Short_ Joy Ride154.51 MB--Unsorted
03 Nov 2012Rifftrax Fast &&& Furious (2009).avi1.36 GB--Unsorted
14 Oct 2012RiffTrax Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (Uncut amp Extended versions)2.23 GB--Unsorted
05 Oct 2012Rifftrax The Guy From Harlem970.38 MB--Unsorted
29 Sep 2012Lost Pilot Rifftrax MK.avi692.55 MB--Unsorted
28 Sep 2012RiffTrax Live Reefer Madness 2010 BDRip 720p mkv2.23 GB--Unsorted
20 Sep 2012RiffTrax Live Plan 9 From Outer Space v2 1080p [ANTiSHiT] 2.15 GB--Unsorted
13 Sep 2012RiffTrax Live House On Haunted Hill 1080p [ANTiSHiT] 2.16 GB--Unsorted
13 Sep 2012Rifftrax Halloween.avi763.23 MB--Unsorted
11 Sep 2012RiffTrax Live Christmas Shorts Stravaganza 1080p [ANTiSHiT]2.41 GB--Unsorted
11 Sep 2012RiffTrax Live Plan 9 From Outer Space 1080p [ANTiSHiT]659.16 MB--Unsorted
10 Sep 20123 RiffTrax VODs3.18 GB--Unsorted
09 Sep 2012Greys Anatomy Pilot Rifftrax.avi403.84 MB--Unsorted
09 Sep 2012Rifftrax Grey s Anatomy Ep1 2 776.44 MB--Unsorted
01 Sep 2012Rifftrax Recycled415.06 MB--Unsorted
24 Aug 2012Rifftrax Pirates of the Caribbean CBP.avi1.29 GB--Unsorted
18 Aug 2012Rifftrax Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon [Dual Audio].avi 1.51 GB--Unsorted
17 Aug 2012Lord of the Rings 3 Return King Rifftrax MKB.avi839.45 MB--Unsorted
14 Aug 2012Inception Rifftrax MKB.avi906.24 MB--Unsorted
14 Aug 2012Transformers 2 amp quot Revenge of the Fallen amp quot Rifftrax1.53 GB--Unsorted
09 Aug 2012Rifftrax ISOs251.13 MB--Unsorted
08 Aug 2012House on Haunted Hill RiffTrax Live.avi2 GB--Unsorted
08 Aug 2012Rifftrax Neutron divx790.81 MB--Unsorted
01 Aug 2012rifftrax startrek2009.avi1.73 GB--Unsorted


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